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    I drove through several construction zones the other day up in some mountainous areas.  Both were one lane traffic with pilot cars.  There were miles where the cones were all in place and a few work trucks were off to the sides of the road….but I noticed that nobody was working.  A blocked off construction zone with no apparent construction happening, no one doing anything. 


    I confess, my first thoughts were rather judgmental.  But, here is the truth.  The work crews were most likely doing something important and strategic somewhere, even if I couldn’t see it.  Maybe above the road, maybe in the deeper drainage, maybe taking an important break or refueling.  I’m sure people were at work.


    As I drove slowly along, I had two further thoughts.


    First, I shouldn’t judge the work someone might be doing or not doing just because I don’t see it from my lane.  I just need to drive the path God puts before me.


    Secondly, I am still under construction. I could wear the T-Shirt that says “Under Construction.”   My life is a construction zone.  God is at work ----even though I may not see it.  If I get judgy or hurried, I might miss something. Slowing down so God and others can work----that’s good for me.  


    Romans 8:28 says that God works (works) all things to the good for those who love Him, and I love Him. 


    That’s what I’m thinking about today.







    Connie Sue Larson says (Aug 2, 2022):

    What a great reminder! Thanks so much!

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