Romans 12-2

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    My truck broke down last week. I couldn’t fix it, the local mechanic couldn’t even fix it.  It had to be towed to Redding, which was a pain. 


    The mechanic here in Weaverville (great guy!) explained in nice detail about the computer in the truck being broken.  The wires were not giving proper signals to start the engine, and it would have to be handled by a dealer with access to the manufacturer & all the programing and codes. 


    My comment was, “Thanks for giving me this week’s devotional.  So, if the brain/computer is not connected with God our Creator, there’s no power.” 

    Without connection with God, the manufacturer, following His programming, there’s no power & engine won’t run.  The truck is going nowhere.


    Without Jesus, life breaks down.  Without His Word, our mind is not connected with Him and there is no real power for the engine of our heart to run as designed.  If we fail to pursue righteousness and truth through faith in Jesus, we will have no power, we will need to be towed, and it is a hassle for everyone. 


    In fact, the influences of the world around us can break down the wiring of our brain, and we need our brains to be rewired with truth.


    It’s a Romans 12:2 thing, “Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.  Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is---his good, pleasing and perfect will.” 


    The ability and power to do God’s will, which is always better for us, is by connection with Jesus the living word and His Bible, the written word.


    I hope that encourages you today!



    Jonathan L. Doty says (Jul 5, 2022):

    Thank you for your very good devotional. I would agree with you in the following statement, "Without Jesus, life breaks down." I would add that even when the circumstances in life feel "crushing", God gives us perseverance, an inner joy, and a peace that passeth all understanding.


    Steven L. Diehl says (Jul 6, 2022):

    Thanks Jonathan! Amen to the Holy Spirit empowering perseverance in times of "crushing."

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