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    One of the things I love about the Bible is that it’s one big story that all flows together and it is also a book you can dive into and discover gold nuggets of truth.  You can get a big picture view of the world and you can dig in and mine out some valuable diamonds.


    Like when we flew over the Grand Canyon once.   It was neat to get the bigger picture elevated distant view, the whole panorama from source to destination.

    Yet, from thousands of feet looking down from above, you don’t get the full beauty of it.  It is only  by close inspection that we can get the whole context of depth and width and majesty.  It’s by walking at ground level that we get to really see the beauty of creation---and the glory of the Creator.   


    God gives us that bigger picture as we keep a bigger view of the Bible, the beginning and the end and how it all flows together.  It is within that perspective of the bigger view, the whole story, that we can discover the beauty of seeing the closer and deeper details and messages of the stories and how they all connect. 


    The micro view and the macro view together really takes us deeper.  The Bible is full of both.  That’s what I’m thinking about today.  And here is a verse I’m chewing on:


    Your eyes will see the king in his beauty

    and view a land that stretches afar.

    (Isaiah 33:17)


    The reward of seeing the king in his beauty is up close and personal.  The  bigger viewpoint of the terrain that stretches before us is also a blessing. Seeing King Jesus in his beauty comes with a close personal relationship. And He then enables us to see an elevated perspective. 


    I hope that encourages you and stirs a deeper hunger for the Bible today!




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