"And on that day, says the Lord of Heaven's Armies, each of you will invite your neighbor to sit with you peacefully under your own grapevine and fig tree."  (Zechariah  3:10)

    These words were spoken in a prophetic vision to the prophet in the context of the people being set free from exile.  They had been scattered, and now God was calling them to prepare for regathering  in their holy city, Jerusalem.  

    God was also revealing the appointing of a high priest,  Jeshua, who was cleansed and given new clothes and new authority to serve God.  Forgiveness for all the sins of the land was given by the Lord.

    In that context comes Zechariah 3:10 and the picture of neighbors sitting together in peace, enjoying fruit.

    I just can’t help encouraging us to put ourselves in that scene.  We have been a bit scattered in isolation and exile.  We are praying toward the day of regathering for worship and celebration. 

    In the meantime, God is blessing us with opportunities to meet our neighbors and build some bridges of future fellowship and friendship.  I have had more significant conversations with neighbors in these recent months than ever before. 

    Now is the chance to bless our neighbors  and reach out to people.   Now is the time to initiate sitting  together with a few others enjoying the fruit of love and joy and peace, fruit that comes from God Himself.

    I can’t imagine any other description than JOY in the heart of God with the words of  Zechariah 3:10. 

    I remember my mom saying once that it brings so much joy into the heart of a mom and dad to see their  kids getting along and enjoying each other.   How much more does God enjoy seeing his children sitting together and enjoying the fruit of fellowship?

    Be encouraged.  Heavenly fruit is always ripening.   



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