Fishing the Flood


    “A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones.”

    ~Proverbs 17:22~


          I am remembering a bad flood when we were living in Pennsylvania.  Many areas were hit hard by heavy rains that surprised everyone and overflowed the banks of rivers, doing a lot of damage.   Kristi and I ventured out for a walk, and we were burdened by the scene of houses overwhelmed by the nasty, troubling waters.   Streets were closed and rescues by boat were taking place.   

          One man’s activity will be forever sealed in my memory banks.  Where cars normally drive, he was fishing from his boat.   Making the best of a bad situation?  Helping out while having some fun at the same time?  Did he realize there probably weren’t any fish biting on that particular road but he loved fishing enough to throw out a lure anyway?  It struck my funny bone, but there was also something mysteriously profound in the connection of operation rescue with fishing on the way.

          In the current pandemic and the flood of confusion and fear, it is a challenge to know where to help and how to respond.  There is wisdom in keeping a cheerful heart and seeking to cheer others up as well. And maybe do something fun on the way.  Not making light of it, but helping to lighten the burden.

          On our walk around town in Pennsylvania that day, I remember noticing many people seeking to encourage each other in the midst of the flooding trials.   I’m thankful for people who resist being self-consumed by troubles and lend a hand to others who are in need of help.  Being an instrument of rescue is something wonderful.    Opportunities are around us every day in a world flooded with troubles.  Reaching out is connected with following Jesus.  Especially when we do so with joy.


    Bless you, fellow follower and fisherman.


    "Come, follow me," Jesus said, "and I will make you fishers of men."

    ~Matt 4:19~



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