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    "So David and his men continued along the road while Shimei was going along the hillside opposite him, cursing as he went and throwing stones at him and showering him with dirt.  The king and all the people with him arrived at their destination exhausted.  And there he refreshed himself."    (2 Sam. 16:13-14)

    No matter how well prepared, supported, and protected you think you are, dirt will be thrown at you.  Negative stuff will be dropped on you.   Sticks and stones do hurt, and so do critical words when they are tossed your direction. 
    What did David do when that happened?  He and his friends kept walking.   Soldiers of the King press on.
    We once told our son that he had the heart of a leader and warrior, like king David.   Right after his graduation ceremony from USMC boot camp, we headed over to an outdoor eating area.    Having a great lunch together, we talked and shared some memorable family time.    We talked about the three foundations of USMC ethics training…..courage, commitment, and honor.  He was looking sharp in his perfect uniform.    Every inch was pressed, clean, immaculate, ready to pass the closest inspection.    There was no spot or wrinkle.    
    But then.  Suddenly, with no warning,  our son had bird  excrement on his leg.   Then, a second shot splattered right in the middle of his hat.   None of us saw it coming.  
    From a bird is one thing, but David had dirt thrown at him so intensely that he and his party arrived EXHAUSTED.    Exhausted from the grime thrown at him.   Criticism, blame, and selfish drama are the stones and dirt that can leave you emotionally fatigued.  
    It’s why we must get alone with God and pray with an open Bible. The FATHER always encourages and always builds hope through His Words.  No amount of  tossings or droppings of the world will be wasted in God’s economy.  He shapes us and makes us look more like Jesus as we keep walking.   Whether stuff falling from nowhere or dirt thrown by friends or enemies, getting dropped on can build character. 


    Like a movie we watched recently, “Collateral Beauty.”  When in pain, watch for it.



    The Pessimist complains  about the wind.  
    The Optimist expects it to soon change. 
    A leader simply adjusts the sails.



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