Adjusting Our Walk

    Nik Wallenda is known for walking across Niagra Falls on a wire.   His dad coached him the whole time through a mic system, speaking encouragement into Nik’s earpiece.  


    At one point, his Dad encouraged him to change  the rhythm of his steps so the movement of the wire wouldn’t throw him off.  


    Have you ever felt like you were walking a slippery tightrope over a raging river, overwhelmed all the noises, distracting movement, mist, and shifting targets for your steps?

    The encouragement of Nik’s father offers a great lesson.  Changing some of our patterns and rhythms might be a good strategy for keeping our relationship with God fresh. 


    Perhaps that means cultivating the creative side of God’s design.  Or, embrace a new spiritual discipline.  Try fasting  prayer, solitude, simplicity, or prayer journaling.   The path upon which we walk in this world is not always easy and predictable, and there are raging rivers and waterfalls all around us making it a challenge to gain traction. 


    Try hitting the refresh button with adjustments in the pulse and tempo of unceasing prayer, tuning in to the voice of our encouraging, empowering Father.

    "Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving."   (Colossians 4:1, ESV)


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