Laugh a Little


    “But may the righteous be glad and rejoice before God;

    may they be happy and joyful.”  

    ~Psalm 68:3~


    These are strange times in which we live.  COVID-19.  Fear of economic crash.  Isolation driving the extroverts crazy.  We don’t want to treat any of it lightly, but we do want to lighten the burden as opportunities arise. 

    We don’t want to laugh inappropriately, but we can certainly find humor in the little things of life and learn to laugh at ourselves.  A healthy  sense of humor and joy as a choice can be a source of relief. 

    Our son,  Zachary, has a coffee cup that says,  “Today I choose to be as happy as a bird with a French fry.”

    That strikes my funny bone.  How would you finish that sentence?    Today I choose to be as happy as……….

    • Happy as a polar bear on an iceberg in Hawaii?
    • Happy as a hat on a hairless hat lovers head?
    • Happy as a sea lion with a smelt in his mouth?  (The Eagles and Sea Lions on the Cowlitz River don’t seem to be freaked out about what is going on) 


    Your turn----Happy as a……….


    “A happy heart makes the face cheerful…….”

    ~Proverbs 15:13~




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