Watchful Waiting

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    Are you getting cabin fever?  Some days I have, big time. How much longer do I have to WAIT?  Getting tired of waiting for this Stay at Home thing to lift?  

    A friend sent me a text that ended with two words,  “Waiting, waiting....” 

    I know that friend would agree that there is a difference between boredom waiting with twiddling thumbs and waiting FOR something.

    And I feel like if I just wait for something to be over, I will miss it. 

    Here is an encouragement from Psalm 27:14 about waiting FOR something important, or rather someone important:

    “Wait for the Lord;  be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”  

    At the center of that verse----“Be strong and take heart” is sandwiched between two slices of “wait for the Lord.”  That thing in the middle of waiting for the Lord is about a strong heart that comes with the pressure of waiting.  

    The waiting means leaning in to the Lord, trusting in Jesus, spending time with Jesus, praying in Jesus. If you read all of Psalm 27, verse 4 talks about dwelling in His presence, gazing on His beauty, seeking Him in His temple --- that isn’t passive waiting it is active watchful waiting. 

    The surrounding cover of waiting, the pressure of waiting, will strengthen us at the center of who we are if we are waiting on Jesus.

    So may I encourage you how God is encouraging me right now----in this season of waiting, wait for the Lord, wait IN the Lord. Wait with attentive watchfulness.   

    Then we can be strong and take heart. 



    Connie Sue Larson says (Apr 27, 2020):

    I am thankful that God is in our waiting and waiting for us when we get in the busyness.....I pray that we have a good balance.

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