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We live in a world not unlike the world into which the Apostle Paul spoke in his letter to the Colossian church.  There were some false doctrines and practices being taught which were threatening the health of the Colossian believers.   Legalism,  asceticism, and distorted mysticism were threatening abundant life.  The prevailing relativism and pluralism that early readers encountered connect them to the contemporary culture in which we live.

Paul met the challenges head on by focusing on Jesus. Reading through this great epistle makes clear the eternal truths concerning the person and work of Jesus Christ.   Followers of Jesus have everything they need in Him.  This is how Paul countered false teaching, by pointing to the absolute supremacy and sufficiency of Jesus Christ.                                    








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Steve loves to do oil paintings.  A great "day off" for him involves worship music and a canvas upon which to paint mountains, lakes, rivers, and elk.   If you would like to purchase a painting or put in an order for a particular scene to have painted, contact us



An Inductive Bible Study Guide

Oil Paintings

Why Should We Care About the Environment?

     What if some of the dialogue and discussions within the green movement and about the green movement are shadows and reflections of something that is much more profound and real? What if there is a purpose for the green movement deeper than mere environmental concern? Beyond Green is about entering an intentional journey from natural environmental concern to supernatural creation care.

      --Enjoy creation lessons

      --Build bridges to people on the opposite side of environmental issues     

      --Experience a revitalized urge to be a part of creation care as an act of worship to the Creator

      --Get involved in the breaking of a new day of creation stewardship that builds worship and witness

      --Build character by doing your part in taking care of the natural world around you


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Through the pages of Alongsider Coaching you will be inspired to:

   · Be an alongsider who gets encouraged by encouraging other people
   · Come alongside new disciples, growing disciples, and emerging leaders to encourage them to become their best
   · Apply coaching skills for deeper relationships that leave a legacy
   · Sharpen your parenting strategies to help your kids discover their purpose
   · Create a coaching culture in your church or organization
   · Integrate biblical theology in your approach to coaching
   · Grow your marriage by improving communication

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