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Through the pages of Alongsider Coaching you will be inspired to:

   · Be an alongsider who gets encouraged by encouraging other people
   · Come alongside new disciples, growing disciples, and emerging leaders to encourage them to become their best
   · Apply coaching skills for deeper relationships that leave a legacy
   · Sharpen your parenting strategies to help your kids discover their purpose
   · Create a coaching culture in your church or organization
   · Integrate biblical theology in your approach to coaching
   · Grow your marriage by improving communication


Book Reviews:

“I felt like I was being coached all through the book. The theme that came through for me---- life is relational so connect with others and let others connect with me. This concept takes the focus off me and puts the focus first on Jesus, how He connected with people, and challenges me to practice His ways.” (Joannie Gregg)

"What I found most helpful as a pastor in utilizing this book in my ministry are the many practical tips that the author shares. Building off the simple premise of how Jesus coached his disciples, Diehl offers many suggestions on how to implement coaching in your own ministry. I have often found myself referring to his book for some good questions before a coaching meeting with those in my own church. Read it!" ~~Josh Grimes

"A fresh look at what our lives should look like as we live alongside others....seriously one of the most biblical looks at our role in other lives." ~~Tiffany Roth







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